Friday, August 10, 2012

Owl Painting!!!

Last weekend I finally finished the owl painting for T and J. It was a present for their wedding, which took place over one and a half years ago (!) Better late than never, but due to being in school, moving every three months, and not having my painting supplies or easel, I wasn't able to work on it properly until now. However, it has been burning a hole in my conscience the entire time, so I'm glad that I can finally hand it over to them and take back the "placeholder"wolf painting, which I gave them to hang in the meantime. (here it is, below)

I was super jealous of Tasia last weekend, as she attended the Osheaga music festival in Montreal! Normally I would have gone too, but I was just in Montreal a few weeks before, and I'm also planning to go to PEI next week to visit Linda, so I had decline due to budgetary constraints. But no fear! I needed to clean up my place because I'm moving again soon (sigh), and I also finished off some projects, such as the owl painting and planning for my first Indie Pop Night at Fountain Bar. If anyone in the Toronto area is free on the 25th, I hope to see you there! (: Can't wait to play my new favourite song from my new favourite band, Little Dragon. So awesome!

Little Dragon