Monday, April 21, 2014

Drawings from 2013

Time flies when you're constantly moving. Last year, I moved 3 times (!) and it has made me never want to pack another box as long as I live. With all the organizing, packing, moving, unpacking, and apartment hunting, there wasn't much time for drawing or painting. I also changed jobs, enrolled in an intensive French language program, and travelled constantly. What a year!

Now that it's April 2014, things are finally setting down. Thus, to commemorate the busiest year of my life, I have started to do drawings for each month in 2013. Below is the first one for January, when my boyfriend and I moved him to Montreal from Toronto (on January 1, in a blizzard!).

Drawing of our move to Montreal in January 2013...

I'll add some others for February and April soon, as well as some photos that I took over the long weekend during our visit to the old Biosphere (leftover from Expo '67).
Sadly, I'll be leaving Montreal soon, so my stay here hasn't been well-documented, but hopefully I can make up for some lost time by posting a few events posthumously.

Happy Easter et Joyeux Paques tout le monde!

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